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  • I'm hoping to have as much feedback as possible from animal activists because the EAM will not be much help unless it accurately reflects the needs of our movement. Please use the comments section (found at the bottom of each page) to leave your comments, which can be anonymous if you choose. Everything from minor points to major disagreements is welcome.

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In this section you will be able to view my Major Paper: Revisiting the Abolition/Reform Divide in the Animal Activism Movement with an Efficacy Assessment Model, which presents a decision-making aid for animal activists. You can download a copy in the "Downloads" section or you can view the paper section by section using the outline below.





Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Research Questions

Chapter 2 - The Abolition/Reform Debate

Chapter 3 - An Efficacy Assessment Model

Chapter 4 - Discussion of the EAM

Appendix 1 - Website Text

Appendix 2 - Comments Received

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